Dinghy Cover Material Choices

First things first

There is currently a plethora of wonderful  high tech names flooding the dinghy covers market !

However it is our experience that the vast majority of visitors to this site would prefer to know ‘what it is and what it does’

With that in mind and after many years and conversations, we’ve kept it simple.

Double coated PVC Polyester (460 GSM)

Super durable and higher tear strength than most standard Dinghy cover PVC’s. Smooth wipe clean finish that will give many years of service to your boat. Comes with a five year guarantee, keep it clean and it will last many years longer! Default colour is currently grey

sail register pvc

PU Coated Nylon (230 GSM)

For dinghy undercovers only, durable nylon with a polyurethane finish. Lightweight and easy to use. In mid blue

Hydrosun Range

PC Hybrid (460 GSM)

This is the highest spec. PolyCotton in the marine trade and comes with a five year guarantee. Not to be confused with imported alternatives. Keep it clean and it will last many years longer.  Unique breathable characteristics, that will protect your sailing dinghy better than any other material. The cotton fibres in the hybrid blend swell when they become wet, making the fabric more waterproof. Conversely, as it dries, the fibres shrink allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate away from the boat. Less abrasive and more waterproof than woven polyesters, the only sure guard against osmosis and varnish degradation.

It's fair to say we prefer Polycotton as the best all round protection and are very happy to announce that is now made for us IN THE U.K, with an extra layer of U.V treatment. No one else can boast a fully British made product that is also better for the environment, when the webbing buckles Velcro and stitching finally give up to the elements, 50% of the fabric is bio-degradable.

Put the boat away wet and it dries out with the cover on!  


Solacryl Canvas (320 GSM)

A lightweight solution dyed woven polyester fabric in the same field as Weathermax, Hydralite, HydroTough etc. These fabrics do not breathe like the PC hybrid, as they are of a single fibre polyester construction. However they do resist strong sunlight very well. In fact, it's true to say, the fabric itself will outlast the webbing, buckles, Velcro and even the stitching that holds it together. Also available with a five year guarantee Good range of colours, contact for details


Dinghy Cover Specifications

Established in 1966 all our covers are manufactured at our own UK sail loft in a range of durable and technical materials

All dinghy classes catered for, we also offer a high quality bespoke service for larger boats. You are welcome to call us and we are happy to advise. All our materials are specially selected for their quality and purchased in the U.K

Don't be fooled on price - it's everyone else that's expensive (:

All covers come with a five year guarantee