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Ethically made - by us

Please note - Our current range of sails is many times larger than our advertised list here. Please email for prices if your boat is not listed. 

Training sails are designed by us for club/training use in hard wearing ripstop racing Dacron.They are not class legal for racing events but are designed to be a cost effective fully compatible alternative.If you have any extra requirements from your own experience, please let us know and we will incorporate it into the sail. All Prices includes battens, bags, tell tails, VAT and DELIVERY. No hidden extras, as is our style.

  • Manufactured in quality 5oz ripstop racing Dacron
  • Fully reinforced tack/clew/head and batten areas.
  • Hydraulically pressed hard wearing stainless steel eyelets
  • Hi-tech design in house using our latest plotting/cutting software
  • Any extra requirements from your own experience, let us know
  • Jib includes window where appropriate
  • Price includes battens, bags, tell tails, numbers, VAT and delivery

Our range is continuously expanding, contact us for further details, all classes catered for.

Sail Design Software And Plotter

We have invested in a digital sail design suite and large scale plotter giving us the control of full production in house.The efficiency, accuracy and quality of our products has now taken another leap forward.We now have the scope to offer a much wider range in the sail market, from production dinghy classes to big yacht racing suits.


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